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Mediator Training


No trainings are currently

scheduled. For more 

information about becoming 

a mediator in Michigan, 

please visit:




What do Mediators do?

Mediators assist people involved in a dispute to attempt to work out a mutually agreeable solution. Mediators do not make decisions or take sides. Mediators facilitate a conversation between two (or more) parties to help them come to their own resolution.

Why should you be interested in becoming a mediator?

The conflict resolution skills learned in mediation can benefit you in your personal relationships.

Being a trained mediator may help you in your professional career. Employees with conflict resolution training are considered desirable by employers.

Mediators can contribute to the Community by volunteering their skills with our non-profit mediation center.

For a list of other SCAO approved mediator training sessions currently available in Michigan please see:

Volunteer Mediator Application

Please email (see contact page for request form) or call (906-226-8600) to be placed on our waiting list. 

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