MI-Resolve: A New Way to Resolve Disputes Online

This is a new service supported by the Michigan Supreme Court’s Administrative Office to provide a free, quick and easy means of resolving disputes that are typically filed as a small claims or landlord/tenant case in the district court. File free here today. No court fees, no court dates.

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The Mission of the Marquette Alger Resolution Service is to provide and promote a process by which people in conflict are able to come to their own resolution.

We offer mediation services, an effective means of solving disputes that you are unable to resolve on your own. It is a voluntary alternative to court action that is satisfying, less costly, and less time-consuming than working through the legal system. It employs the use of professionally-trained mediators who remain neutral while guiding you to find a mutually-agreeable solution to your problem. (Mediation is not appropriate for cases involving domestic violence or criminal matters.)

All mediation through our program is confidential and is court approved for resolving many types of disagreements.

Scheduling an Appointment

Please call 906-226-8600 or submit our online mediation request form. If both parties are willing to participate in mediation, most sessions can be scheduled within two weeks. We currently schedule appointments Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Plan to allow 2 hours for your initial session. In some instances, additional sessions may be needed. Mediation sessions are held at the MARS office at 914 W. Baraga Ave. in the Lake Superior Life Care & Hospice building.

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