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48-hour Domestic Relations Mediator Training 

TRAINING DATES:  March 19 & 20 and March 26-29 ,8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


This training program is designed to teach participants the skills necessary to act as mediators in facilitating the resolution of both community and domestic relations disputes. Through a combination of role plays, demonstrations, large group discussions, and activities, this highly interactive training will take participants through the entire mediation process. This training is approved by the State Court Administrative Office- MCR 3.216.


Mediation is a non-adversarial, affordable, and time-saving choice to resolving a conflict. Mediation is a confidential process where individuals have the opportunity brainstorm and negotiate a mutually agreeable solution.  A mediator facilitates communication and promotes voluntary decision-making by the parties.


Due to a training grant, this skill-building opportunity is made possible for a fee of $75.00 for participants who agree to mediate with a local mediation center. (The typical cost for this training across the State ranges from $700-1200 per person) Attendees must commit to attending all 48-hours of the program to receive the training certificate.  Light refreshments provided – Lunch on your own~


Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI


Wanda Joseph and Rebecca Rogan



Download Volunteer Mediator Application 

2018 Volunteer Mediator Training Flyer



What do Mediators do?

Mediators assist people involved in a dispute to attempt to work out a mutually agreeable solution. Mediators do not make decisions or take sides. Mediators facilitate a conversation between two (or more) parties to help them come to their own resolution.

Why should you be interested in becoming a mediator?

The conflict resolution skills learned in mediation can benefit you in your personal relationships.

Being a trained mediator may help you in your professional career. Employees with conflict resolution training are considered desirable by employers.

Mediators can contribute to the Community by volunteering their skills with our non-profit mediation center.

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