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Resolution Service
The path to productive dispute resolution.

About MI-Resolve Civil   

If you have a dispute, for example either someone believes you owe them money, or you think they owe you money, you can register in MI-Resolve, and as long as you provide the other person’s email address and contact information, the system will invite them to have a conversation online with you and a trained mediator to see if you can resolve the matter.

The MI-Resolve Civil System is designed to help resolve civil issues such as:

  • Living arrangements and loans not formalized with a lease or legal contract
  • Landlord-Tenant disputes on rental deposits or damages
  • Distribution of property after a relationship
  • Contract matters under $25,0000
  • Contract cancellation prior to completion of all work
  • Quality of home or vehicle repairs
  • Disputes over billing for professional services
  • Collection of wages after job termination
  • Neighbor disputes involving use of property

The service is free and there is no cost to the parties or court.

Click on MI-Resolve Civil to start resolving your matter.