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Student Success Project: Attendance, Behavior, Academics

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The Student Success Project is here to support you! LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!


Concerns about attendance, behavior, or academics.  Make a referral today for your student or child to take part in The Student Success Project (SSP).  This program is here to help by supporting the children and families who are having a difficult time and are concerned about attendance, academics, and behavior.

Support is given by helping gain access to appropriate services to ensure a successful return to learning.  Communication between your family, the school and other various organizations is simplified.

The advocates at SSP are here to listen, plan, develop goals and devise a plan in collaboration with the student’s school and family specifically tailored to their particular situation.   We are here to empower your child to take control of their learning and school success while helping your family find healthy solutions for further growth to ensure future success.  

Please complete the Student Success Project Referral Form or contact us at School Success Project , Marquette Alger Resolution Service, 906-226-8600, Visit Let’s Do This Together! ( for more information about the project.


S YOUR CHILD ADJUSTED TO POST-PANDEMIC EDUCATIOThe Student Success Project is here to support our parents/caregivers and the students whose learning and school engagement has been negatively affected by the pandemic.