Marquette Alger
Resolution Service
The path to productive dispute resolution.

Programs and Services

Marquette Alger Resolution Service provides facilitative mediation services to the residents and businesses of Marquette and Alger counties in Michigan.

Types of Disputes Handled   

  • Domestic Relations (including parenting time and divorce)
  • General Civil Lawsuits
  • Small Claims Matters
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Guardianship and Family Caregiving Issues
  • Employment (employee/employee and employee/employer)
  • Discrimination (through Mich. Department of Civil Rights)
  • Neighborhood and Community Conflict
  • Family Disputes
  • Claims involving Money and Personal Property
  • Restorative Justice & Victim Offender Restitution
  • Special Education
  • Business to Business Disputes
  • Contractual Matters
  • Large Group Facilitation

Mediation Specialties

  • Domestic, including Parenting Time & Divorce
  • Child Protection
  • Employment
  • Discrimination
  • Guardianship / Family Caregiving
  • Mental Health
  • Restorative Justice
  • Special Education
  • Victim / Offender
  • Large Group Facilitation